Monday, December 27, 2010

GPPB's Latest Issuances

Here are two (2) of the GPPB's latest issuances:

Resolution No. 05-2010 approved on October 29, 2010 re: Guidelines on Procurement of Printing Services

Under Section 29, General Provisions of RA 9970 (2010 GAA), procuring entities have the option to engage the services of private printers for their printing and publication expenditures subject to public bidding in accordance with RA 9184 and pertinent accounting and auditing rules and regulations. However, printing of accountable forms and sensitive high quality/volume requirements shall only be undertaken by Recognized Government Printers (RGP) namely: Bangko Sentral, National Printing Office and APO Production Unit, Inc. In cases where the RGPs, upon determination by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), cannot undertake the printing services due to time constraints and equipment limitations, the procuring entity may engage the services of private printers. Not covered by the guidelines are the printing of official ballots and campaign paraphernalia, including statement of votes, certificates of canvass and paper seals which is governed by the Omnibus Election Code.

Circular No. 02-2010, issued on November 24, 2010 - re: Guidelines on Comparison of Bids submitted by Cooperatives

Under Section 32.2.2 of the IRR of RA 9184, all bidders are required to include the cost of all taxes like VAT, income tax,local taxes and other fiscal levies and duties which shall be itemized in the bid forms and reflected in the detailed estimates. Such bids including taxes shall be the basis for bid evaluation and comparison. However, cooperatives are granted by law tax exemptions, therefore they enjoy a clear advantage over non-cooperatives. To level the playing field, all taxes itemized by non-cooperatives in their bid and which cooperatives are exempt from, shall be added to the bids of cooperatives strictly for evaluation and comparison. If after evaluation and comparison, the bid submitted by a cooperative is still the lowest bid, the taxes added shall be removed and the award of contract shall be based on the original bid price.

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